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It began with a chance phone call from Mike Darby (Bristol Archive Records) regarding a possible remastering and release of the 1980/81 Stormtrooper (Crescent and S.A.M Studios) demo tapes which ultimately led to in 2016 'Pride Before a Fall The 1981 Lost Album'. This motivated Stormtrooper to get together for one last time to rediscover and recreate past works that never made it to the studios the first time around. On the back of wall-to-wall astonishingly good album reviews, as well as remarkably (after a hiatus of 36 years!) being voted top band at the prestigious 2017 Brofest rock festival, their aim was to dot the I's and cross the T's on their 'previously unrecorded' back catalogue of songs, to replicate them sonically as close to the original '80's Stormtrooper recordings as they could, in most cases utilising the exact same instruments and effects that were used back in the day! Although two of the seven fell by the wayside, the remaining five songs provide a large chunk of 'Every Now and Then'.Like many rock bands who fell under the banner of 'The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' Stormtrooper were far from 'NWOBHM'. Over the six years (1975-1981) that they were together, the dramatic rise from a rather naive tentative Hartcliffe School sixth form band to a confident, highly motivated, and highly drilled, technical rock combo was there for all to see. In 1980 Stormtrooper were being touted as Britain's answer to Rush, but they always retained their aggressive 'street wise' almost punk like attitude which gave Stormtrooper their unique signature sound.The five 'oldies' on this album reflect Stormtrooper's evolution over that six-year period. From the funk rock fusion of 'Boggs Song' to the sword and sorcery of 'Flight of Fantasy'. The 'Now' reflects where Stormtrooper (as individuals and collectively) are musically today. However, much they have drifted apart, after 36 years they can still amazingly create that unique signature Stormtrooper sound! With original vocalist Nigel Lloyd having hung up his hat after the conclusion of the 'Then', the 'Now' vocal duties were undertaken by founder member Bass, Moog Taurus and keyboard player Colin 'Boggy' Bond (formally with Meatloaf, Stampede and The Bernie Torme Band) and guest vocalist Andy Milsom (lead singer previously with Bristol band's Hunted and Ragged Union). The line-up is completed by founder member Bob Starling as always on guitars and Nick Hancox on drums.

TRACKLISTING: 01. As It All Disappears 02. Joker Or The Fool 03. Staff Of Life 04. The Birds 05. Boggs Song 06. Flight Of Fantasy 07. Silver Man 08. Eta 09. Mississippi Boogie 10. Hand Grenade 11. Melodica 12. In The End

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Stormtrooper formed and disbanded in a fury in 1975 before punk rock arose out of the ashes of glam and pub rock! Their debut single "I'm A Mess" was described by the British music press as "the sound of a commuter being shoved under a tube train in the rush hour, one for howling at the moon and a tale of drunkenness in the wild of Soho" The band formed at the bar in the Marquee Club by British front man Nigel Hutchings and bassist Jeff Piccinini who recruited John Pilka on guitar and Mike Lee on drums. They recorded a demo of 4 songs in August of 1975 and then signed with Corruption Management on the Portobello Road for a couple of pints and some distant promises. The band played only one gig at the Bath Pavilion, then split-up. This, ladies and gentleman, was before the birth of punk rock and the tracks of this anthology are pure "punk" before... punk!!!!

TRACKLISTING: 01. Im A Mess 02. Its Not Me 03. Wish I Could 04. Coming My Way 05. Ride The Sky 06. Im On Fire 07. Coming My Way 08. Only Want To Be With You 09. Im A Mess 10. Bad Motor Scooter

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Bristol's very own Stormtrooper were ahead of the 'N.W.O.B.H.M', as they had originally formed in the mid 1970's. But they were right in there more than holding their own with the likes of Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Saxon and Motorhead in terms of seeing their music released in the slip-stream of that catch-all 'brand identity'. Bristol as a city has no claim to being a rock stronghold, but the band didn't let that hold their campaign back. Their passion, talent and ambition enabled them to launch themselves to gain recognition, and their hard work and blistering live shows paid off when 'Pride Before A Fall' became one of the singles released through the unlikely means of local Heartbeat Records operation, run by Simon Edwards in Bristol. 'Pride' roared its' way into the 'Heavy Metal' chart at 23 in Sounds in its' first week of release. It reached the heady heights of number 11 after. But unfortunately that was as far as it got in terms of national recognition of the bands' releases.Now the other recordings made by the band in that era, are available on 'Pride Before A Fall - The Lost Album'. Songs like 'In The State In the City' and 'Still Coming Home' showcase the bands' unique blend of Bob Starling's distinctive and passionate blazing guitar attack, with the driving force of an electrifying rhythm section. Nick Hancox's technically brilliant and energetic drumming fused with Colin 'Boggy' Bond's knock down the walls bass playing, and his definitive use of Moog bass pedals which brought another dimension to the textures in the music. In the best traditions of a great rock band, this was topped by the rock power and vocal range of singer, Paul Merrell.

TRACKLISTING: 01. Pride Before A Fall 02. Battle Of The Eve 03. In The State In The City 04. If It Takes A Man A Week To Walk A Fortnight Then How Long Is A Piece .. 05. Bounty Hunter 06. Still Comin' Home 07. Drunken Women 08. Confusion 09. After Battle

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