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1 - PIGS - 1977 - (CD) 

Released on CD for the first time. "When we finally got to see The Cortinas at the Granary - up till then we had them down as more of the Feelgood thing - wow we really got the message!! And that's what did it. It was so energizing, it felt like we had to get our band started the next day, the same night probably. The Punk train came and we all jumped on it, like a lot of people did, but we were the first ones on in Bristol, after The Cortinas." - Kit Gould, The Pigs.New Bristol Records was set up after the band supported Generation X at Chutes, where they met Miles Copeland. "We decided to set it up, it was our idea, with Vernon and John (their managers), and he just went along with it", says Kit. "Now, looking back, it's obvious that if Miles Copeland's going to pay for you to do a recording, he's not just donating it to you, so you can set up your own label, whereas at the time that seemed like an entirely realistic proposition. It's just naïve kids really that don't have a clue about the music business. Miles Copeland came on board, he was our London connection." The band went into Sound Conception Studio on 12 August 1977 and recorded their whole set, from which four tracks were selected for the 'Youthanasia' EP. It gained airplay on John Peel's show and sales were reasonable, but it proved to be their only release. They continued to gig regularly, including two more shows with The Cortinas, a support slot with Siouxsie and the Banshees at Barton Hill Youth Club, and even a headliner at the legendary (but by that time sadly ailing), Roxy, on 13 January 1978 with Open Sore and The Heat, but they called it a day the following March. And now we are proud to give you, for the first time, all eleven tracks that the band recorded at Sound Conception.

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Format: CD

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Date: 18-11-2018
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2 - PIGS - WRONGER - (CD) 

"When Unsane bassist Dave Curran started writing songs on guitar with drummer Jim Paradise (Players Club, Freshkills, Hellno) the name they tossed out for their fledgling project was simple: PIGS. "We figured it was short enough that press and promoters couldnt fuck it up." Producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Converge, Made Out of Babies, Unsane, Keelhaul) was invited to fill-in on bass for a couple of shows and, much to their delight, has refused to leave.The sound? PIGS sound like the last forty-five minutes of that interminable haul from Portland to San Francisco when both patience and air conditioning are long gone; like a petty, early-morning drunken argument in a gravel parking lot about the stupid, impossible math of how to divide forty-one dollars three ways; like when the left rear bearing on the van thats been squealing and then grinding for days finally gets hot enough to weld itself into the axle and the ancient Detroit Deathtrap grates to a final, shuddering halt. Pigs sound like three guys who have played countless shows in many bands for a couple of decades in several dozen countries and still cant leave it alone.

TRACKLISTING: 01. A Great Blight 02. The Life In Pink 03. Bet It All On Black 04. Amateur Hour In Dick City 05. Mope 06. Wrap It Up 07. Mouth Dump 08. Make Sure To Forget 09. Bug Boy 10. Wronger 11. Donnybrook

Format: CD

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Date: 10-10-2015
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